Acoustic panels and traps – help needed. (1 online.

Acoustic panels and traps – help needed. (1 online.

Friends, I’m going to look for a new location for the studio. Exclusively for writing music, and of course the information so that it sounded decent. I would like to ask professionals and experts about the acoustic design, namely, panels and traps. I’ll make a reservation right away that I’m not going to build a room in a room, so far it’s not easy on the budget. Acoustic foam rubber brushed aside too.

In principle, there is knowledge and understanding, but advice is needed on the choice of materials and what dimensions are better to choose for creating acoustic panels. The premise is not big, for the money I count on – 18-25kV, I am still considering several options that suit me, but still looking for it. So that it was within walking distance from home =) There are many questions: What dimensions should we make wall absorbing panels (100x60x10 or more)?

Is it better to do bass traps as a panel, leaving space inside, or is it better to lay the corners completely? (here who says what, I wonder why the space between the panels and the wall is probably here, someone does, but someone does not) Is it worth making a diffuser on the back wall or can you live without it? Is it worth using mineral wool, given all the disputes about harm, and so on? Can use something else, for example: RosEmoMat (I read that it is safer.

It has a density of 30, and a rockwool acoustics 45)? Well, I hope here you will advise some options on the materials. Can you also give some advice on the room, which is better to look at and what

note? After all, many of those present are sitting in rented premises.

Well, I think that more interesting questions will be revealed in the process of our communication. Thanks in advance for your time.


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RosEkoMat can custom-make the density up to 80kg / m3.

There are also Cotton Acoustic Boards 45kg / m3 and 80kg / m3 but it all burns well)

I am personally against mineral wool because of my prejudices. I’m calmer without her. At least in living quarters for sure, and if everything burns to hell, well, so be it) Although reviews for mineral wool have not yet died – an argument)))

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